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a story of three outsiders inspired by true events

The film Legend tells the story of three outsiders who became legends in spite of fate and turbulent times. A horse destined for the slaughterhouse. A rider returning to the saddle at an age when others are retiring from racing. A trainer at the end of his life and on the endge of society. Together they brought hope to all who encountered their story.
Speed, love of horses, desire to win, beautiful women, great hopes and great disappointments. This is the world of horse racing. Twenty-seven-year-old Richard Handl is attempting a career in horsemanship ten years after he was supposed to be banned from racing. He can't have nearly as good a horse as his main rival Filip Redl, and he doesn't have nearly as much time as his younger rivals. There is only one way to go - to go beyond his limits. But is it possible to win the hardest race of all time - the Great Pardubice - with a horse condemned to death? And what must the rider and those around him sacrifice to get closer to their dream?  
A rider with no future, a trainer with a troubled past, and a horse that's a write-off all line up at the starting line. They knew they were each other's last hope.
Original Title: Legenda


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