Joseph in Bohemia, Joseph in Africa about film details
Joseph in Bohemia, Joseph in Africa

Joseph in Bohemia, Joseph in Africa

Josef was a neo-Nazi, racist and troublemaker from Prague. His style of life was and is rather disorganized, just like himself, and he solved and solves most situations impulsively and without thinking through the consequences. Alcoholism and fights were the order of the day. With only minimal prospects for change one day, Joseph would nonetheless get the opportunity to grab life by the scruff of the neck. Thanks to his friend Ales, also a neo-Nazi and racist, he was offered the chance to go abroad for a well-paid job. Due to the laws of approval, it ended up being Ghana, where Josef's friend Ales decided to start a business. Josef packed his bags and actually flew to Ghana. Coincidentally, David Těšínský, a photographer who met Josef, was in Africa at the time and was so intrigued by Josef's story and worldview that he recorded some of the situations. However, he also followed Josef back home - and further developments around his person convinced David Těšínský that this was a film subject with a clear anti-racist message.
Original Title: Josef v Čechách, Josef v Africe
Genre: documentary
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