Lifeless Dead Man

A shoot of a new crime-comedy “Lifeless Dead Man” by the authors of the successful “Waking up Yesterday” took place in July. The cast includes David Novotný, Hana Vagnerová, Martin Pechlát and Lukáš Příkazký in the main roles. The premiere is planned for January 2020.

Let There Be Water!

The first part of the shoot of Karel Žalud’s documentary took place in August in UAE. The documentary focuses on a Czech invention which is able to create water even in the driest parts of the world. It is a co-production with Czech Television and the Office of the General Commissioner of Czech participation at the General World Exposition EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Hell with Princess Again!

The successful fairy-tale Hell With Princess will be broadcasted again on December 20th at 20:00 on CT1.

Waking Up Yesterday over 1 Million Viewers!

The sixth rebroadcast of Waking Up Yesterday hit over 1million viewers on TV Nova. On Friday November 30th the film was viewed by 831 000 people and its rebroadcast on Saturday was viewed by another 190 000 viewers on Nova Cinema.

Kundera on the Screen

In November, the first phase of shooting of the documentary about the work of Milan Kundera took place in Brno. The cameras of M. Souček and P. Šobr recorded interviews with M. Uhde, K. Fuksa, A.M. Liehm, K Steigerwald and others under the direction of M. Šmídmajer.

Kler’s Record

Kler, a Polish film serviced by Bio Illusion during its filming in Czechia (under working title: TRI) hit over 5mil viewers in Polish cinemas!

Dopplegangers in Lagów

This year Dopplegangers will be presented on the festival Lubuskie Lato Filmove. For more information see


Bella Mia – Journey to Goa

On Thursday, November 21st, 2013 new movie called BELLA MIA – from Bio Illusion production will be officially released. It is cruel but at the same time very poetic story about freedom, love and… cows. Martin Duba, director, made a movie based on true story.

Mission to India

Two movies from our production were screened on International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad, India in the section “In Focus Czech”. First of our movies screened at the festival was Lucky Four in the Service of the King which was released on February this year.

Rock World is Undergoing Big Change

The movie about legendary rock band Nazareth is becoming LEGEND! It captures last months of Dan’s performation. In May 2013 all members came to Prague for cinema premiere and two months later the band announced that Dan McCafferty has been forced to retire due to ill health.

Lucky Four is finally in the cinemas

On Wednesday February 28, 2013 the long-awaited film directed by Michal Žabka, Lucky Four in the Service of the King, premiered in Premiere Cinemas Hostivař in Prague. The most popular Czech comics characters, Fifi, Mousley, Scout, Buddy were born 44 years ago in the imagination of artist Jaroslav Němeček.

Lucky Four to go on a postage stamp

The Czech Post, a partner in the prepared animated film Lucky Four in the Service of the King is publishing 2 stamps with pictures from the film. These are the first “film” stamps in the history of the Czech Post.

Iron Lady surrenders to a comedy

Already in the first week after the premiere of director Miloslav Šmídmajer‘s Waking Up Yesterday, it has pushed the successful film Iron Lady with Meryl Streep in its main role to second place in the TOP 20 listings.

Premiere of the comedy Waking Up Yesterday

On Wednesday March 15th 2012 the premiere of a prep school comedy Waking Up Yesterday took place in one of the largest halls of the Prague Congress Centre. The premiere was launched by the film’s director and producer, Miloslav Šmídmajer, along with a large delegation of artists.

In the Attic in American cinemas

The animated fairytale, In the Attic directed by Jiří Barta has been seen in cinemas in France, Romania and Japan. Now, this film about toys put in storage and forgotten is getting prepared for American cinemas with dubbing currently under way. 


Main prize for the film In the Attic

Jiri Barta's animated film In the Attic: Who has a birthday today? has again scored internationally, winnin gthe main prize, the Kecskemet City Award at the 7th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV Specials that occurs every other year in the Hungarian city of Kecskemet.

Nazareth in Vienna

On Thursday, 12 May, director Miloslav Šmídmajer and his crew headed off to the Gasometer Club in Vienna to capture the unique atmosphere of another Nazareth concert. The filmed material of the band's performance with Uriah Heep in the Gasometer supplements the already filmed documentary material with additional attractive clips.

In the Attic on TV

Jiří Barta's animated fairytale, In the Attic, has not only won several prestigious international awards at home and abroad, but has also made its premier on television. Czech TV, one of the film's co-producers, aired it on Easter Sunday, 24 April 2011 when 92 000 viewers were watching.

Golden award TIAF for the film In the Attic

The animated fairytale In the Attic, directed by Jiří Barta, has scored again. At the Teheran International Festival of Animated Films, TIAF, the international judges and even the young filmgoers were so enthused with the film that they awarded it the Golden award for the best feature-length animated film.


A Triumph for In the Attic in New York

Jiri Barta’s fairytale, In the Attic, carried away another prestigious prize from the international film circuit. This time it is the prize for the best full-length film from the New York International Film Festival for Children (the Grand Prize feature of the 2010 New York International Children’s Film Festival).

Forman on DVD

The full-length documentary from Milos Smidmajer, MILOS FORMAN: What doesn’t kill you is already available on DVD in The Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. Magic Box is the distributor. In addition to the film in both Czech and English you will

Hell and Forman in Berlin

The producer Miloslav Smidmajer took part in this year’s Berlinale and presented two features produced by himself that premiered in 2009 from Bio Illusion at this huge film event which is one of the most prestigious film festivals. The full-length documentary about Milos Forman and the fairytale Hell with the Princess in which the director Milos Forman played a cameo role as a little devil.

Taking off on DVD

The DVD EDITION OF BIO ILLUSION is our new project ‘for pleasure’, as part of which we will release films that we like and admire. The first title of this Edition is the first American film by Milos Forman, Taking Off.

Excellence Prize for the film In the Attic

The film, In the Attic’s presentation in Japan at the Japanese 2010 Media Arts Festival which took place from February 3rd through 10th, 2010 in the National Art Center in Tokyo met with great success. It took the Excellence Prize in the animated film category.

The fairytale In the Attic has arrived in France

On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 the animated film IN THE ATTIC from the director George Barta had its official French premier under the title DROLE DE GRENIER. Viewers will see the fairytale with French dubbing.

Bella Mia in Cottbus

The producer Milos Smidmajer and director Martin Duba took part in the pitching forum which was held as part of the Cottbus film festival on 12-14 November 2009. They presented a new and ambitious film project titled Bella Mia, a balladic story about the conflict between human arrogance and the lust for life which was met with lively interest by German and Polish producers.

Milos Forman at the documentary showing

A celebratory showing of MILOS FORMAN: What doesn’t kill you... took place at the Aero cinema on Tuesday 27 October, 2009. It was held for the participation of Mr. Forman himself who came to Prague at the invitation of Milos Smidmajer straight from the Rome International Film Festival where he presented the prize for the winning film. The participation of Milos Forman in the event gave this showing a unique atmosphere.

Milos Forman in Pisek

On Friday, August 07, 2009 the director Milos Smidmajer first presented his documentary about Milos Forman to the public at the first annual Above the River film festival in Pisek. The premier showing was more than just successful – the audience was wonderful, laughing at every joke Forman makes, in contrast with the dead silence during the passages where he speaks about the loss of his parents.

Hell with Princess at the Zlin Festival

June 06, 2009 – The fairytale Hell with Princess took two prestigious viewer awards immediately at the 49th international film festival for children and youth in Zlin, the Golden Apple award for the most successful feature film and the main prize from the children’s panel for the best feature film.

Four-Leaf Clover

The unbelievable 40th anniversary of the uniquely Czech comic strip Four-Leaf Clover was celebrated in May. Bio Illusion in cooperation with Cinemart are preparing the first feature film with the Four-Leaf Clover heroes with the help of the father of the popular characters, Jaroslav Nemecek, and the authors of the screenplay the Lamkovi, a husband and wife team.

Forman in Czech movie

The filming of the full-length documentary about the director Milos Forman continues. After filming in December in the USA the crew, led by Miloslav Smidmajer continued their work in the Czech Republic and in May they took part in the premiere of A WALK WORTHWILLE (Dobře placená procházka) in Valencia, Spain. The documentary will be released later this year.

Let There Be Water!

The first part of the shoot of Karel Žalud’s documentary took place in August in UAE. The documentary focuses on a Czech invention which is able to create water even in the driest parts of the world. It is a co-production with Czech Television and the Office of the General Commissioner of Czech participation at the General World Exposition EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

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