Jack Russel – The Planet Rescuer

About the film

 The biggest aquarium ever is opening in Pragopolis. The President cuts the tape and…the lights go out. Who did it? Mr Proud, with his evil plan to rule the world by electricity. The situation is saved by Jack and Klik, who know of secret ways to produce energy. The power-crazy Proud is determined to get rid of them. Jack and Klik fight back and end up helping the President, who calls in the army. But the General has his hands full with an incoming fleet of UFOs. Not knowing that the aliens are bringing a treasure as part of an ancient deal with Pharaoh, he prepares for battle. Once again, it is Jack and Klik who come to the rescue…


Creative team:
Story: Aleš Dowis 
Screenplay: Luboš Balák, Libor Adam
Director: Ondřej Pecha

Producer, coproducer, partners:
Bio Illusion Ltd.
Studio Dowis Ltd.
State Fund of Cinematography




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