I Shouldn’t Have Lent You That Alarm Clock

About the Film

Milan Kundera is shrouded in mystery – he has not given an interview in 30 years and does not appear in public, so we must learn about him mainly from his work. His essays and philosophical discursions within his novels can reveal a lot – apart from our cornerstone theme, the question will be: what in Kundera’s work secured him his current status as the most famous Czech writer? What is so unique about his novels?

We delve into his works – through film clips and quotes. Our main guide will be Milan Uhde – a colleague and friend of Milan Kundera – as well as the writer Ivan Kříž (perhaps the oldest living author in our country) and the literary theorist Sylvie Richterová, whom Kundera very much respects and with whom he has remained in contact with. They will walk us through his work and life.

Screenplay: Miloslav Šmídmajer, Jaroslav Kravka
Music: Petr Malásek
Editing: Jakub Vansa
Photography: Miroslav Souček, Pavel Šobr
Director: Miloslav Šmídmajer


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