Blind Birds´ Journey

About the Film

Did Jules Verne know something what supposed to remind unspoken to mankind?

Why did he delete the fact that he visited Iceland from his curriculum vitae? Later on, he took the inspiration from Iceland for his roman Journey to the Center of the Earth – particularly from cursed crave Sneaffels. Why? Bunch of amateurs are trying to get answers – surgeon and his girlfriend photographer from Prague, Icelandic psychiatrist, mountain guide and two 14 years old kids (Bjorg talented by non verbal language and Jiri - fan of Jules Verne). What brought them together? Couple of coincidences – appendix surgery, cave’s beetles and secrets of Jules Verne.

After a research in Czech archives and in the town of Jules Verne Amiens the expedition called VAI – VERNE & ISLAND decided to travel to Iceland to carry on the research. Despite the fact that Icelandic volcano called Sneaffels is restricted and military monitored area, the crew gets inside of the volcano. They discover remarkable radioactive drawing of blind birds and deep abyss. Suddenly they are captured and taken off the cave. Americans who find them as a spies start to interrogate them. Kids are not taken to the base, so they return back to the cave. Kids find out the clue for the gate to the extraterrestrial civilization. They also find out why Jules Verne deleted his journey to the Iceland from his CV. They face the same question as Jules Verne – whether to uncover this journey to the mankind or not. What if they uncover it and people disuse it? How to decide?

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