After the Tsunami

About the Film

26 December 2019, it is going to be 15 years since the Tsunami killed over quarter of million people in Thailand. A top-model, Petra Nemcova almost died there on the very day. In 2004, she was in KhoLak area with her boyfriend when, in the morning of the December 26, they were hit by the Tsunami. Petra’s boyfriend was carried off by the first wave while she managed to catch hold of a roof. The second wave swallowed her alive. At the last moment, the stream pushed her through a meter-wide layer of broken glass, wood and furniture to the surface where she took hold of a palm. Her body didn’t have an uninjured spot. She had broken pelvis and other deadly injuries…

How did this experience affect the life of Petra and the locals? How was their perception of life changed? Petra Nemcova will guide us through the places she’s been at during the catastrophe and will meet the people whose lives were changed by the Tsunami.

Half of the documentary’s profit will be donated to Happy Hearts foundation.

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