Waking Up Yesterday

About the Film


After going through his eighth breakup, high school professor Petr Kovář admits to himself he has a serious problem with relationships. At his high school reunion, Petr realizes Eliška is the best girl he had ever met. Unfortunately, Eliška does not attend the reunion and none of the former classmates have any information about her. Petr’s friend gives him a tip concerning a scientific experiment that allows time travel. Petr successfully time travels back to the year 1989 and with the experience and perspective of a forty-year-old attempts to win Eliška’s heart. However, Petr only has one month for Eliška to fall in love with him and on top of that finds out she currently has a boyfriend... 

Petr’s mind is so preoccupied with Eliška that he forgets the time jump has returned him to school in which he has to face regular exams. Therefore, Petr is not only struggling with his high school love but also with rusty knowledge of algebra and chemistry…A crazy rollercoaster full of romance, school troubles and humorous situations can begin…

By working on the high school comedy “Waking Up Yesterday”, the producer and documentarist Miloslav Smídmajer has made a return to directing after a period of three years. In one of his most acclaimed films – “Hell with Princess” – Šmídmajer cooperated with a young actor Jiří Mádl by giving him the role of prince Jeroným. Their cooperation continues in the new comedy “Waking Up Yesterday” in which Jiří Mádl plays the main role of young Petr.    

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