* About the Film

 Finále Plzeň 2014

Special award of international Jury for “best film for kids audience”

54. MFF Zlín  2014
Award of City of Zlin for best actor (to: Petr Šimčák)
Main Award of kids jury

46th Festival of  Ota Hofman – Ostrov nad Ohří 
Award “ZLATÝ DUDEK “ for best children actor to Petr Šimčák
Award of OTA HOFMAN for the best film until 12 years old - awarded by international jury
Award “KŘIŠŤÁLOVÝ ŠATON” in the category until 12 years old - awarded by kid’s jury

VOICES 2014, Vologda (RU)
Gorky Prize Studio for the best family movie

IFF Motovun / kids section / Croatia 2014
Main prize in the section Buzz&Teen

16. Seoul Int'l Youth Film Festival, Korea
Main prize in the section Kid´s Eyes

Award for best movie from 11 – 13 years old
Special award
Award for SCRIP to Jiří Mádl

Main Prize
Kids Jury Prize
Prize for special contribution to the film 


To See the Sea

About the Film

The main character of the story is a ten-year-old boy named Thomas, who is the narrator, cameraman and director of his film! He receives a video camera for his birthday and decides to shoot a movie just like Miloš Forman. Therefore, he becomes the narrator, cameraman and director of a deeply human story, thanks to which we get to know his family, mommy, daddy, grandma, school, friends…

The story does not lack a big detective investigation which attempts to uncover daddy’s carefully hidden secret. Thomas suspects his father is seeing “another Mrs.” and decides to do everything possible to prevent his father from leaving the family. The audience sees the story unfold through the eyes of an innocent child, with typical child honesty and heartwarming humor.

In the end, little Thomas will manage to unveil a big family secret…a moment which will shock and move the audience...

Producer: Bio Illusion
Co-producers: Česká televizeContinental film
Sales Agency: ARROW ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL INC., represented by Steve Arroyave (steve-arroyave@arrow-entertainment.com)

Flyer (PDF)

producer Miloslav Šmídmajer
director Jiří Mádl
assistant of director Miro Mráz, David Štrangmúller
script Kaňková Klára
executive producer Jiří Holan
location Rosťa Samec, David Jánský
director of photography Edita Kainrathová
make up Romana Karlíková
costume designer Lucie Ulíková, Kateřina Koneč
sound Klára Javoříková
VFX Magic Lab

Tomáš  Petr Šimčák
Haris Jan Maršál
Tomáš’s mother Lucie Trmíková
Tomáš’s father Ondřej Vetchý
Tomáš’s grand-mother Jaroslava Pokorná
Stáňa Anastázie Chocholatá
Coach Roman Nevěč

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