The Poets Never Lose Hope

About the Film

When the premier of the fourth part in the popular film series Poets took place in 1993, the authors, the screenwriter Ladislav Pechacek and the director Dusan Klein both declared a definitive end to “poets in the Czech Republic”.  And so it didn’t sound so hopeless they added, at least our poets, from the films.  It wasn’t in fact the end.  Never say never this time rang true.


After the death of Stepan Safranek’s mother he must decide how to carry on with his life.  He works as a paramedic, his relationship with his girlfriend Ute had turned gray and on top of that, his friend Kendy, who is just getting divorced, moves in with him.  Then Stepan meets a friendly girl named Annicka and his relationship with Ute comes to a definitive end.  Then, thanks to a misunderstanding, even Annicka disappears from his life.  Things are not even going well with his attempt at saving the local hospital, where he is becoming the director.  So he returns to the meaningful work in an ambulance, thanks to which, he finally finds the path to his new love.

Director: Dušan Klein
Screenwriter: Ladislav Pecháček

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production Company: Bio Illusion / PLUTO film & video
Co-producer: Česká produkční Invest, a.s.
Distributor: Falcon 

Premier: January 18, 2005
Distribution Premier:  January 22, 2004
Year of Production: 2003
Dolby Digital/ 1:1.85/ 115min./35mm Fuji

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