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In the Attic


The purpose of the full-length animated film “In the Attic or Who Has a Birthday Today” is to evoke a sense of creative imagination with the help of improvised games that we all surely knew as children. We have shown how every-day objects can magically transform themselves - a children's room becomes a battle field, a spaceship, or a jungle. We work with this principle in our fairy tale, where an old stove can become a steam locomotive, icebreaker, or helicopter. Old rags can take the form of a wild river or birds of prey, old furniture becomes a mountain range, and the space under a tattered canopy becomes a frightening forest. We found a suitable environment and set of “heroes” in old attics, not only among the discarded junk (crates, cabinets and suitcases), but also where the laundry is hung, in damp, uninhabitable corners full of wires, bricks, plaster busts, and disused TV sets.

Nostalgia and subtle humor, characteristics found in our old toys and battered junk, are best brought to light through classic animation, which has a long and honored tradition in the Czech Republic. The film offers unlimited possibility for creating a bizarre world filled with dramatic suspense and a surrealistic environment. In addition to the main heroes (old toys, puppets and figurines), live inhabitants of the attic are also found in the film - a tomcat, pigeons, bugs, a live variation of a plaster bust, and the people who live in the house - grandma and a little girl who hang the laundry in the attic and unknowingly set off a harrowing chain of events.

We think that a full-length film for children can enchant with its simplicity, naiveté and unfettered childlike imagination. We believe that this film will find its place among the wonderful computer-animated films, and also in the hearts of an adoring public.

Jiří Barta

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