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In the Attic

About the film

In the Attic or Who Has a Birthday today? is a full-lenght animated film for children, but also adults who haven't lost their sense of imagination or joy of playing.

The legendary film director Jiří Barta (The Pied Piper, The Extinct World of Gloves...) has discovered a secret world in an old attic full of junk.


Peace reigns over the kingdom of abandoned toys until Buttercup, a beautiful doll, becomes the object of desire of the cruel ruler of the Land of Evil. In the pitched battle to save her, the strength of friendship and the desire to perpetuate the good old world come to light.

The combined-technique feature animated film IN THE ATTIC: WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY TODAY? is an adventure fairy tale full of imagination, playfulness, unbounded inventiveness, and an original artistic conception capable of captivating children and adults the world over. The plot is packed with original ideas and unexpected reversals. It teems with gripping action scenes and clever gags, as well as with humor, poetry, and suspense.

Given director Jiří Barta’s originality and screenwriter Edgar Dutka’s imagination, it is no surprise that a mysterious old attic full of forgotten things can serve as the starting point for a grand tale of bravery and friendship more powerful than the snares of evil. The heroes of the story are courageous toys from an old suitcase who undertake a dangerous journey through the attic to rescue their friend, Buttercup. She is a beautiful doll who finds herself in the clutches of the all-powerful plaster Head, ruler of the Land of Evil. Her rescue will also save their world of friendship and harmony.

Brave and at times comical toys, are presented throughout the story in such a way as to arouse our sympathy. We live through their adventure and dangerous trek across the attic to free their friend with them. Suspense and comedy are skillfully intermixed by the authors. Virtual horror sequences are lightened with parapets of humor. These emphasize the distinction between “naive innocence” and the guile of the enemy, the strength of friendship and the emptiness of cruelty and evil. At the end, we can give a sigh of relief - everything turns out well - and we enjoy the victory with our heroes.

The most influential creative element in the story is the never-ending childlike imagination, which reinvents old junk into surprisingly new things. The expressiveness and emotion of these transformations is intensified by the one-of-a-kind workmanship, the richness of the creativity, the plateau of the visual narrative and the ability of Jiří Barta to tell a story through the means of pictures. Such imaginative transformations give this “fairy tale” an entirely unexpected, graceful, and magical dimension, turning the attic into a romantic land, a realm of fantasy which children will adore – and adults too, if they have kept their imaginations alive. 


In the Attic or Who Has a Birthday today?


Screenplay by
Edgar Dutka / Jiří Barta

Director of photography
Ivan Vít / Zdeněk Pospíšil

Set designer
Jiří Barta

Lucie Halabová / Sound: Marek Musil

Special effects
Boris Masník

Executive producer
Jiří Holan

Rudolf Urc / Mária Dufková / Michal Podhradský


Universal Production Partners, a.s.
KRÁTKÝ FILM Produkční s.r.o.
Continental film, s.r.o., Slovakia

The Czech Republic's state fund for the development and support of Czech cinematography.
 Ministry of Culture / Slovakia
Partner of the film

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