I Love You Heavenly

A romantic comedy about an artist in love, a girl from a shop window and a jealous knife thrower

A romantic comedy from Jaroslav Papousek, the creator of the legendary Homolkovy family and the cult films Black Peter and Loves of a Blonde (a coworker of Milos Forman).  A story about how he taught her to see the world, and how she taught him to love.


How Poets Wait for a Miracle

How sense of humor and selfirony can help to cope with chaotic live

After 12 years, an extremely popular Czech romantic comedy series Poets get a continuation. This time the poets are waiting for a miracle.



Great comedy of confusion

The two have never before seen each other, they have no idea about each other’s mutual existence and it would remain like that if faith had not put them together... 


Celebrity Ltd

A story about the path taken by minor actor into the limelight and back

A big-screen interpretation of the successful comedy play from Antonin Prochazka, a well-loved production with hundreds of repeat performances on the stage. It gives us a behind-the-scenes view into the neverending, bittersweet filming of a TV comedy serial.


To See the Sea

A story about a boy, who wants to become a famous director.

“We’re Going to the Beach” is a double debut of actor Jiří Mádl as a feature-film director and screenwriter. His screenwriting premiere tells a story of an ordinary family from the perspective of ten-year-old Thomas, whose goal is to become the next Miloš Forman.


Prague Cans

“UNI” is a loose sequel to the successful film The Can

Kocourek sends his application to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague with the goal to study Graphic Design. He has already been rejected twice because the number of applicants is extremely high and only a handful of the most gifted students are accepted. The beautiful Julia, who also wants to get in the Academy, is helping Kocourek get accepted…However, a lot of complications get in their way! 


Bella Mia

A dramatic battle between human arrogance and the lust for life

A rough, but nonetheless poetic story with an extraordinary emotional heft and moral message to the effect that people are not here to become cruel creators, but to learn to live in harmony with nature and to treasure the right to freedom and one’s own life.


Nazareth Until We Drop

Rock not only throughout the year, but even after 40 years

Miloslav Šmídmajer’s documentary takes a look into the background of this rock legend and tries to uncover the roots of the band’s longevity and continued backing of its fans.


Lucky Four in the Service of the King

The most popular heroes will be starring on the big screen for the very first time

The Emperor Rudolf II’s thirst for the gold-creating stone of the sages jeopardizes the most valuable treasure of all – Saint Vaclav’s crown jewels and the prosperity of the whole kingdom.  According to an ancient oracle only small, strange creatures from far into the future can save not only the crown jewels and the kingdom, but also the whole planet, which is threatened by the return of an ice age. Thus begins the big-screen adventure of the quatrefoils: Fifi, Musley, Scout, Buddy.  A story of full of drama and humor with loads of intrigue and setbacks…


Waking Up Yesterday

The story of a teacher who decided to return to his student years

A comedy about the quest to regain a love from prep school which was lost through the years. An original film in an academic setting about the troubles of an infatuated student who has forty years of experience.



An encounter with Such a Normal Family after many years
A loose continuation of the legendary television series from Fan Vavrincova. A new encounter with the members of Such a Normal Family, who stole the hearts and emotions of millions of viewers in the 70’s.

Milos Forman: What doesn’t kill you…

The Oscar-winning director in the main role of an exciting life story

In the last fifteen years Milos Forman’s life has gone through a lot of big changes and he has even had certain reversals in his professional career. Milos Smidmajer has again returned to this exciting and larger-than-life character to catch a glimpse of his current life and way of thinking. Thanks to his personal relationships and contacts he has even managed to shed light on a few of the intimate corners of Forman’s life which continue to give him inspiration for creating films with unusual depth and unexpected coherence.


In the Attic

or Who Has a Birhday Today?

In the Attic: Who has a birthday today?  is a full-length combined-technique animated film.  It is a fantasy-filled fairytale adventure full of playfulness and unrivalled inventiveness that will awaken the interest of young and old alike around the world.  The story is full of original ideas, unexpected setbacks, suspenseful twists and turns, humor and poetry.


Hell with Princess

A tale about a hard-headed princess who doesn’t want to wed

A fairytale comedy about a hard-headed princess and obstinate prince whose royal machinations draw the ire of Lucifer himself.  What happens when the royal heirs refuse to marry?  Will there be a wedding or a war?!  Mainly there will be plenty of laughter and a story about a love that is stronger than hell itself.



The Wedding on a Battlefield

A comedy set in picturesque Moravia

The Wedding on a Battlefield gives a good-hearted view of the dreams, worries and sinful failures that we all experience, played out by a cast of unusual characters. This is the congenial background for Eva Papouskova’s comedy which takes place in the Moravian village of Zvetsov, where the men enjoy reenacting a glorious Napoleonic battle with such enthusiasm that a romantic wedding almost becomes a bloody battlefield.


Taming Crocodiles

A family comedy full of good-willed determination

Marie Polednakova the author and director of the comedy of the century You Make the World Fun and the successful comedy How to get Daddy in a Fix and How to Pull out a Whale’s Tooth has returned to filmmaking after a sixteen-year hiatus. She has again shown us her unique sense of humor and mastery of the art of directing with this riveting story.



From Miss Wonderbra to the chairwomanship of the French Red Cross

She didn’t need affairs or scandals to become a celebrity.  Her studies of medicine and relationship with the footballer Chris Karembeu including unique clips from their wedding, the beauty business, her reasons for becoming Miss Wonderbra again and again, her sunlit life at modern parties, first film role and why she became the chairwoman of the French Red Cross are only some of the themes of this noble-minded documentary.


The Poets Never Lose Hope

The fifth in a series of poetic comedies

The fifth in the most successful Czech poetic comedy series from the director and film poet Dusan Klein. The Poets Never Lose Hope is a continuation of the story of the destinies of the incorrigible poets, Stepan and Kendy and about the difficulties of living in the Middle Ages. It was the third most watched Czech film last year.

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