Bella Mia

To friends of Yvonne the Cow

Dear friends,

I am a film maker that after 14 years is making “Bella Mia”, a feature film.  This is the story of cows escaping back into nature based on true events from 1997 that took place about 60 km from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.  The similarity to the story of Yvonne amazes me, the difference being that “Bella Mia” is not just about one cow, but an entire small herd that escaped into the woods before it could be transported to the slaughterhouse.  For years people tried to catch the cows from this herd, some were killed, but the rest remained free and may still be living in the woods to this day.  I am grateful to Yvonne, the cow, because here story has silenced those who did not believe such a story could be true.  “Bella Mia”, the film about cows, love and freedom is being filmed now until the spring of next year in the mountains of the northern part of the Czech Republic.  The premiere is planned for the winter of 2012. 

Long live Yvonne and “Bella Mia”

Martin Duba
cameraman, director

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