Bella Mia

About the Film

A farmer gets some bad news: the tests were positive and all of this year’s stock must be disposed of. Their transport is accompanied by confusion which allows the escape of a small group led by Bella. They try to survive in nature, unprotected from human cruelty and arrogance. One by one the cows succumb to the pursuit of the hunters and the harsh winter conditions. With spring comes yet another attack from the hunters on the herd and only Bella and her calf, which was born in nature, survive. The hunters use this calf as bait to capture Bella. At the last moment the farmer’s family saves her and their brave battle even softens up the hunters in the end. Bella gains her freedom.

Based on true story:
Cow Yvonne was born in 2005. She had lived as a dairy cow for a mountain farmer in a valley called Liesertal in the Austrian Alps. In March 2011 she was sold to a farmer in Aschau am Inn, Bavaria. He planned to fatten and slaughter Yvonne. On May 24th, 2011 Yvonne escaped from the electric-fenced grazing land of her farmer and kept hiding in woods near the villages Zangberg and Stefanskirchen. After escaping, Yvonne was bought by animal rights activist Michael Aufhauser who then tried to capture her and bring her to his animal sanctuary called Gut Aiderbichl, a former farm in Deggendorf, Bavaria.

All this caused a lot of attention in the media in 2011 after she had kept hiding in woods for many weeks. Farmers, police and animal rights activists were unable to find and capture her.

On 1 September 2011 Yvonne was captured in Unteralmsham near Stefanskirchen and taken to the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary, where it is presumed that she will spend the rest of her days safely grazing at pasture.




Martin Duba

director / director of photography


Martin Duba



Miloslav Šmídmajer



Arkadiusz Wojnarowski



Martin Novosad



Mária Dufková

executive producer


 Jiří Holan



Klára Javoříková



Vladimír Žán



Józef Skrzek



Petr Forman

Zuzana Norisová

Anna Fialová  

Lukáš Kůrka 

Igor Orozovič

Petr Rajchert

David Bonaventura

Břetislav Rychlík

Saša Malinská

Luboš Veselý

Michal Gulyáš

Jiří Duba 

The movie was supported by the State Fund for Support and Development of the Czech cinematography and the Connecting Cottbus. 

With the participation of the West Pomerania Film Fund. Co-financed by the West Pomerania Marshal’s Office, The city of Koszalin and Szczecin.

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