About the Film

A film portraite of topmodel ADRIANA SKLENARIKOVA-KAREMBEU

A great documentary that takes us through the life and career of the woman who became Miss Wonderbra and an ambassador of the French Red Cross.

Director, screenplay writer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Dirtector of Photography: Vlastimil Žán
Editing: Michal Cuc
Music: Michal Dvořák
Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer / PLUTO film & videol
Footage: 80 minutes / DBTC / 16:9

DVD content:
Czech, English and French versions
The experiences of a top model

A documentary

Adriana had been studying medicine in Prague for three months when the Velvet Revolution took place on November 17th, 1989. Even though she participated in the revolution as a student, she had no idea what democracy and the opening of borders to the West would mean for her.

This is the story of a girl who until the age of 20 was no different than her peers. Until she was five, she grew up in a Slovak village. She was an exemplary student who in high school juggled gymnastics, basketball and a boyfriend. In her third year of medical school she by chance participated in a casting that got her a ticket to Paris.

She started out like hundreds of other models – 10-15 castings a day. She gradually won the favour of the great designers like Thierry Mugler and Hubert de Givenchy and the support of clients. In Italy she was adored as the “bionda Peroni” and later as Miss Wonderbra, being the only woman to hold this title for three consecutive years. Her marriage to footballer Christian Karembeu (world champion in 1998) helped catapult her among celebrities. Now she chooses her work, cooperating with the French Red Cross, and even accepting acting jobs and again, being successful.

This documentary doesn’t just capture Adriana’s career, but also looks into her personal life – with glances of calm moments with her parents and grandfather, her private life with Chris (including clips of their wedding on Corsica), her friends.

It was filmed in Paris, in Cannes at the International Film Festival, on Corsica while filming Three Little Girls, in Athens, in Slovakia and in Prague.

The experiences of a top model.

Adriana openly shares her experiences from her modelling career: her difficulties at the beginning, the knowledge she needed to acquire, and her trials and tribulations.

Footage: 58 minutes

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