About Us

Bio Illusion is a limited liability company that was founded in 2003. Our team has many years of experience in making cinematic and television productions.

Our main activity is the production of full-length feature films. From coming up with subject matter, finding authors, developing the screenplays through shooting and post-production up to the premier of the film, to include participating in the advertising campaign, we do it all. We provide all services necessary for the custom production of full-length films, television programs, advertising spots and musical clips. Our basic philosophy is to produce quality films in a wide range of genres with an emphasis on comedies, which are a joy to make but also offer viewers kind humor, comfort, laughter and emotion which guarantees years of viewer interest.

The producer and director Miloslav Šmídmajer stands at the head of the company.

PLUTO Film & Video is an independent division of Bio Illusion company. Miloslav Smidmajer has been making documentary films under this name since 1993, acting as producer and for the most part, director and screenwriter as well. A colorful palate of differing genres can be attributed to him - from documentaries about famous individuals, to untraditional travel guides, films about the making of films and even educational films. The activities of PLUTO Film & Video also include TV advertisements, film clips, untraditional presentations, custom-made films, marketing films for Bio Illusion productions, press conferences, premieres etc.
Documentaries specifically for distribution in cinemas are done in association with Bio Illusion.
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