Lucky Four in the Service of the King

About the Film

The popular Czech comic book series Lucky Four is celebrating its fortieth year since the first issue of this animated story from the author and animator Jaroslav Nemecek. For the first time ever Fifi the Dog, Mousley the Cat, Scout the Rabbit and Buddy the Pig are on the big screen. This hilarious, dynamic and modern adventure from the authors Joseph and Hanna Lamkovi is full of surprises, and suspenseful twists and turns.

King Rudolph’s obsession with obtaining the gold-producing Philosopher’s Stone leads him into jeopardizing the most precious treasures of all – The St. Wenceslas Crown and the wellbeing of the whole kingdom. According to an ancient prophesy only peculiar little creatures from the distant future are capable of saving the royal jewels, the kingdom – which the traitor Kelley is after - and also the whole planet which is facing a threat of returning to the Ice Age...

Emperor Rudolph and his loyal lion Aurix undertake a journey back in time in order to seek out the members of the Lucky Four and ask them for their help… This is how the great film adventure of Fifi, Mousley, Scout, Buddy in the service of the king gets off to a start. It will be a movie full of dramatic and humorous situations in which the viewers can also expect a lot of twists and turns in the story. The adventure of the Lucky Four will take the audience on a trip to modern Prague as well as historical Prague of the Renaissance period. During this exhilarating journey Fifi, Mousley, Scout, Buddy will be facing literally life-threatening dangers...

Theme and written by: Hana and Josef Lamkovi
Co-authors: Mária Dufková, Bohumila Zelenková
Script Editors: Barbora Červenková, Luděk Hudec 

Sound Master: Marek Musil
Editor: Luděk Hudec
Music: Ondřej Soukup 

Designer: Jaroslav Němeček
Directed by: Michal Žabka
Producers: Miloslav Šmídmajer / Bio Illusion and  Aleš Tříska / CinemArt

Story locations: Třeskoprsky (Smashcrashton) and Prague Castle

Sales Agency: AMADEUS ENTERTAINMENT LTD, UK, represented by Ivo Fiorenza - Managing Director (ivo@amadeus-ent.com)

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