Miloslav Šmídmajer

Producer, Director 

After his graduation, Miloslav Šmídmajer started working for Czech Television for which he shot his very first documentary “Hold on to the Dream” (a film about Miloš Forman from 1990). After this debut, many other famous personas “starred” in front of the lens of his documentary camera: Miloslav Ondříček, Theodor Pištěk, Saul Zaentz, Jiří  Menzel, Jan Hammer, Luciano Pavarotti, Magdalena Kožená, Nazareth… In 2003, Miloslav Šmídmajer founded the company Bio Illusion which concentrates on film production and film distribution. He produced a long list of films and most of them became box-office hits in the Czech Republic (ranked in the Czech TOP 10 of films with the highest attendance). The animated film “In the Attic” directed by Jiří Bárta received prestigious awards at film festivals in e.g. Tokyo, New York or Bilbao. The film was also released in cinemas all over the world including countries such as USA, France or Japan. As a producer, Miloslav Šmídmajer cooperates with many acclaimed Czech actors and directors (Miloš Forman, Jiří Barta, Marie Poledňáková etc.).

In 2009, Miloslav Šmídmajer directed his first feature film – the fairy tale “Hell with Princess”.

This year, Miloslav Šmídmajer is finishing two film projects: a drama film “Bella Mia” and an animated fairy tale “Lucky Four: Serving the King”. He established himself as a feature-film director in 2009 with the fairy tale “Hell with Princess” (Audience Award at the Zlín IFF; ranked 8th in the Czech TOP 10 of movies with the highest attendance). In 2012, cinemas stated screening Miloslav Šmídmajer´s latest comedy “Waking Up Yesterday”. He is also working on another film project called “Love in Blue” which is a romantic comedy based on a screenplay written by Jaroslav Papoušek (Miloš Forman’s most important screenplay writer during his “Czech” film-making era). In September 2012, Miloslav Šmídmajer´s “rockumentary” about the legendary rock band Nazareth will premiere in cinemas.

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